Auto Loan Power

Almost 90% of all consumers say
they cannot do without their car.


2018 Financial Marketing Systems, Inc.

Meet more of your customers' (and prospects') needs with FMS' Auto Loan Recapture Systems.

According to the Pew Research Center, a car is the single most important necessity for today's consumers...more important than air conditioning, microwaves and home computers.  If you are not actively seeking auto loans, then your organization is allowing another lender to meet your customer's most important financial need. 

FMS offers proven solutions to help you regain your customers' loan business.  And we know how to use those systems to bring you new customers.  With or without the use of credit bureau information, we can identify the make, model and year of the vehicle your customer or prospect drives, and estimate current payments.  Our compelling messaging and mediums will get attention and bring you more loans.

FMS has the ability to deliver your message via direct mail, variable-copy postcard or email--and also to utilize PURL and QR technology for a truly one-to-one communication experience.

Don't let this important loan segment drive past your organization.  Call or email us to learn more about the FMS Auto Loan Recapture System.