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BorrowingPowersm Cross Sell System for customers

BorrowingPowerLitesm Cross Sell System for customers

The BorrowingPowersm direct marketing system is designed to help financial institutions maximize the profitability of their mortgage base by facilitating the cross sale of home equity loans.  We enable our clients to leverage the valuable information in their mortgage database by generating a highly personalized "good news" message to their mortgage customer.

A typical letter may begin with:

   "Based upon your original home appraisal of $350,000 in October 2010, and your first mortgage balance of $220,000, we estimate that your Borrowing Power may be as much as $140,000 or more!  The chart below demonstrates just how affordable borrowing can be.

Loan Amount






 Monthly Payment
30 Year






Monthly Payment
20 Year






Monthly Payment
15 Year












After reading our “good news” letter, customers start thinking of how they may take advantage of their new found borrowing power.  For some, it’s debt consolidation.  Others may consider delayed or desired projects or vacations. In both cases, they call the bank.

The key to Borrowing Power is the highly personalized nature of the message. We actually compute an estimate of Borrowing Powersm for each and every one of your mortgage customers.  Our estimates take into account the potential appreciation they may have experienced since originally financing their home.  More importantly, we translate the estimate of their Borrowing Power into monthly payment information showing just how affordable is your home equity loan offer.

As a result of our unique approach, it is common for our clients to experience a minimum of 3% and greater response rates at costs of acquisition far below industry norms. We are proud that our clients find the results of our program so profitable that they frequently repeat the mailing throughout the year, year after year.