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With Matrix Mail, you can now reach your high priority customers households each month with minimal effort while delivering superior, dependable and measurable results.  Matrix Mail places the emphasis on multiple contacts with the same customer, providing product and service recommendations that are timely and appropriate. 


You gain cross-selling effectiveness, improved services per household, and bottom-line income.


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Customers appreciate Matrix Mail letters because, rather than the dozens of mass-market ads they receive each week, the letters are short, to-the-point, personalized service recommendations based upon the customer's current product relationship to you.  The signature and name on the letter is the person most likely to answer the phone when the customer calls in response to the letter.


In other words, Matrix Mail letters are relevant, easy to understand,
and sent by a bank representative to whom the customer may
respond directly.


Matrix Mail solves the traditional objections to direct mail with lower program costs, higher response rates and monthly results reports that include income earned, lift and control group comparisons.